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Dark Heresy: 10/10/2013 - Heretics, Recon And More Dakka

First of all sorry for the lack of updates. Due to one player being rarely available and another being unfamiliar with Dark Heresy, we were delayed for close to a month with little progress. Also due to this some very strange things may happen in this transcript to excuse players being missing, and certain details being changed. Namely the fact Ishmael Guilliman was sucked into the Warp promptly following our engagement against the rebels.

Officially giving not a single feth, the Lord Commander was more concerned with the fact our Rhino was not operational. Bardason, likely not understanding what had happened and putting the disappearance down to “psyker matters” promptly did the same and focused upon getting the tank moving again.

Following an intelligence test and several minutes carefully inspecting the broken track Bardason came to the conclusion “Rhino dun broke.” The missile had warped the metal in several areas and the paint singed off close to the access ramp, but thankfully it seemed the Omnissiah was with us. The broken ends of the tracks simply clicked back together and the group promptly continued on their way as before.

Taking considerably more care to avoid ditches this time and to keep an eye out for troops, Bardason eventually brought the Rhino to a screeching halt upon the Lord Commander’s orders. Disembarking (and unfortunately leaving it only concealed by a small bush) the two set off across a grassy hillside. It wasn’t long before we stopped again behind a rock formation, with the Lord Commander signalling to halt before kicking a lone tree. The tree promptly unfolded itself to reveal a disguised tech-priest, the next member of our group. Probably the only person Bardason didn’t try to salute due to a conspicuous number of leaves and an only moderate quality robe.

The tech priest, Magos Flavion Cromwell, was a person who had been in the “Lord Commander’s” employ for some time and tasked with scouting ahead. Being a rare example of the Mechanicus more concerned with tinkering with machines than praying to their god, he was on better terms with the Commander than the priesthood. Despite a number of bionic enhancements and keeping an eye on our destination for several weeks however, he was only able to tell us very little. Only that a mob of FABULOUS gentlemen with firework launchers were hanging around the facility’s exterior.

Putting this down to either rebels or Slaaneishi cultists, the group opted to approach silently and conceal themselves as they headed for the main entrance. Approaching with caution, Bardason’s knowledge of imperial military designs let them know it was a basic STC class 7 bunker, well armoured and protected against exterior attacks. Between this and the group still milling outside, it meant it was unlikely they had gained entrance to instillation Capricon Umbra Neophex Tyrate. For all the good news this was to us, we promptly failed all concealment tests resulting in a wall of lasfire being sent in our direction.

Diving into cover with yells of “Shouldn’t be a minute, sir!” Bardason and Cromwell began the campaign’s first massacre. While relatively well equipped with basic guard weapons and a heavy stubber, the NPCs seemed to have graduated from Stormtrooper Marksmenship Academies. With bullets going wide of them or ricocheting off the rock, Cromwell took the head off one man as Bardason fired an arrow right through the forehead of one guardsman, killing him and the comrade behind him. Another promptly ran upon seeing this, only for Cromwell to take him down with a well-placed bullet, and Bardason took the last one alive with an injector arrow. Yeah, we went with a few homebrew weapons in this one of which was arrows tipped with hallucinogenic injectors. One roll on the table later and the unharmed rebel keeled over thinking he was mortally wounded.

Within twelve seconds of starting, two party members had made four kills and taken another man alive for questioning. Already they were proving to be more competent than Killbo and co.

Proceeding towards the bunker, Cromwell attempted to open the door while Bardason kept an eye out for other nearby rebels. Hanging back for a moment, the Lord Commander’s laspistol dealt with the interrogation of the survivor. It only had one question and promptly got an answer. As he joined us, Cromwell had managed to open up the door but had been forced to burn out circuitry in doing so leaving it forced open. Pitch black with no interior lighting, a musky scent escaped the bunker telling us it had not been used in years.

Unable to close the way behind them, Bardason volunteered to remain behind as a sentry as the other two descended into the darkness beneath them via ladder. Being alone, this led to no one being there to point out how bad a plan the trap he quickly developed was: Propping up the bodies of the rebels inside the bunker to make them look as if they were alive and rigging them with grenades. Forgetting that they had not been able to access the bunker in the first place.

Descending, Cromwell was constantly irritated by the sound of scratching with no source in the darkness, gaining a point of insanity without warning. Thankfully this was more a storytelling device than something to cause problems as the barrier between Warp and realspace was weak there. As they reached the bottom, the Lord Commander led the duo to Storage Room 47 deep within the installation’s bowls. Ordering the tech priest not to enter, he stepped inside closing the door behind him. Cromwell caught the brief sight of masses of storage lockers before it slammed shut and he began heading for the surface.

At the surface, Bardason had been unfortunate enough to discover the group of rebels had not been alone. Eight others had shown up just a short distance from the bunker with one approaching to greet the seemingly alive group inside the instillation. Seeking to silence him quickly, Bardason punched an arrow into his chest, leading him to accidentally trigger the explosives.

Cue very loud noises, several rebels running for cover, and another preparing to use his vox set to call for back-up. Bardason promptly introduced them to another homebrew invention of Von Diego: The high explosive arrow. Hitting the vox like a bolt round, it killed the operator in one hit and blew the heavy weapons trooper next to him in half. Taking cover, the rebels began to shoot back as bits of charred flying men began littering the nearby area.

At this point Guilliman decided to suddenly re-join us. A sudden Warp rift opened up behind Bardason as the fight started causing the psyker to stumble through covered in daemon blood, looking mildly horrified and having lost his blue skin. Instead it was now heavily scarred. Unable to respond at first, he eventually picked up on things and started hurling about bits of the Warp at people, beginning with the remaining heavy weapons trooper. While he resisted, his squadmate began spasming violently and promptly collapsed.
Seeing the man with the heavy stubber was still up, Bardason sent a hallucinogenic arrow his way only for him to deflect it with his gun. While the most badass unnamed NPC our group had ever met, he failed to hit a damn thing when it came to shooting. Breaking from cover, another rebel charged our position, screaming at the top of his lungs in a battlecry, then in pain as a lasbolt took off his arm. Arriving at the top of the ladder holding a smoking hellgun, Cromwell joined the party and the fight really went bad for them.

Not wanting to let the heavy stubber do any damage, Guilliman promptly spasmed the man once again causing him to collapse behind cover.

Finally getting somewhat accurate, one rebel managed to hit Bardason’s arm while firing in a burst, causing him considerable pain. Snarling in anger, the guardsman promptly shot off the other arm of the rebel still running forwards. He was holding a grenade at the time. Dropping it, the rebel was blown nineteen feet backwards and charred chunky flesh once again rained from the sky.

Just as Mr heavy stubber began clambering back up; Cromwell opened up on full auto causing his many ammo belts to explode off his body. Having seen four of their friends die in gory ways now, the remaining trio opted to run to the hills and began sprinting away. One was taken out by Guilliman briefly via spasm, another brought down screaming about “BUGS!!” when Bardason hit him with a special arrow. Then promptly put him out of his misery with a long-las. Cromwell meanwhile promptly revealed he had brought a man portable lascannon with him and turned the remaining two to vapour.

As the smoke cleared with sixteen dead bodies littering the nearby area, I think the GM was beginning to regret permitting us to take such heavy artillery. That or he had something nasty in mind for us. Both were very possible in Dark Heresy.

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