Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dark Heresy: We're On A Mission From The God-Emperor (Campaign Index)

Should have really done this a lot sooner. 

Given that there's plenty of Dark Heresy sessions which have been piling up, this will become a regular feature on the blog again quite soon. As such it seemed best to first of all compile together and link all the prior sessions in case others want to read them from beginning to end. Though, admittedly, going back through them shows I desperately need to do some proper editing to remove some typos and punch up the descriptions.

The Nightmare Begins...

Update 1: Conscription

Update 2: Heretics, Recon And More Dakka

Update 3: In His Holiness's Hallowed Ordos

Update 4: Religion, Politics, CSI and Insanity Points

Update 5: Bad Cop, Mad Cop Routine

Update 6: When All you Have Is A Lascannon...

Update 7: Violence Inherent In The System

Update 8: Archbishop Halmn: Dead or Alive!

Update 9: Tattered Fates - Session 1 - Everything Goes Wrong

Update 10: Tattered Fates - Session 2 - New Objectives, New Problems

Update 11: Tattered Fates - Session 3 - Questions, Heretics and Spiders

Update 12: Tattered Fates - Session 4 - Through The Front Gate

Update 13: Tattered Fates - Session 5 - 'Tis The Exposition Hour

Update 14: Session ??? - The Last Rays Of The Thirteenth Hour

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