Friday, 11 October 2013

Filming For Video Games - David Cage Speaks

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Creator of Omikron, Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and the soon to be released Beyond: Two Souls, Cage is someone considered to have created a more successful blend between the mediums of film and video games. With his recent titles utilising motion capture, quick-time interactivity, prominent choices on the part of the player, and storytelling which branches at every turn. Cage spoke of the differences in production during a Q&A session at Event Cinemas in Sydney, Australia and why it differed from film.

"When you're James Cameron doing Avatar, you can really calculate one frame per week, and there are 24 frames in a second,” Cage explained citing key differences between the two “and that’s ok because everything is pre-rendered and in the end you just see the results in the theatre, but you can’t interact, you can’t change anything."

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