Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Concludes with $4,031,550 Pledged

UPDATE: It seems that their original estimations were wrong. The Mighty No. 9 twitter account has listed their overall amount as $4,046,579.

Having finished just a few minutes ago, the Mega Man spiritual successor Mighty No. 9 has concluded with over $4,000,000 contributed via crowd funding between kickstarter and paypal donations.

This final result is over four times the project’s requirement for funding; the staggering level of support given to the game was enough to grant it a multitude of addition content. Along with Turbo Mode and Boss Mode Rush, the funding has allowed the title to be shipped to consoles, a making of documentary and an entirely new support character.

The game features the robots Beck and Call following a path familiar to fans as they fight their way through 2D sidescrolling levels to reach a final boss and loot his weapon. It's a classic formula which worked well with the franchise for decades, and one people clearly wanted to see done well once again.

All of the project's known stretch goals were reached thanks to crowd funding and even after the timer hit zero a few final donations were still being added to the total on kickstarter. While the final ammount on the crowd funding website lists $3,845,170, the game's facebook page confirmed that the game had achieved $4,031,550.

With more than 67,000 contributors, it shows what a mistake Capcom made cancelling Mega Man Legends 3 and doing little to truly make use of the franchise. With fan art already having been made en mass along with other contributions, expectations and hype are high to see the game made. With many in the creative crew behind the game having worked on previous Mega Man titles and Keiji Inafune himself helming the project, they have every right to be.

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