Tuesday, 21 November 2017

So, It's Been A While

You might have noticed that there's been a distinct lack of content on here for just over a month now. Well, there's a few reasons for that. The most obvious one was that October and November can be charitably called an absolute cluster-fuck of the worst possible events. Re-scheduling and time changes ensured that I was kept away from covering much in any way. What little time I did have was abruptly sidelined to new or vital things going on in life, meaning that everything on here suddenly screeched to a halt. This sort of thing tends to happen a lot as you might have noticed, but this was an especially bad case of it.

Things were only made worse by my new job. I would go into full details, but to be completely honest i'm trying to maintain some level of professionalism. So I will simply say that it was very poorly advertised to me, and within months I found myself missing working in retail, even with the screaming manchildren of customers that involved.

So, atop of a very busy two months, I found myself mentally and physically burned out on a daily basis by an uncaring job which constantly took me for granted. End result: I'm now looking for new full-time employment and living off of additional work for the moment.

Atop of this, I was actually still producing reviews for Starburst Magazine in this time. This was something I had hoped to keep the ball rolling and update things on here, especially given how title heavy this time of year is. One problem: My editors had not bothered to inform me that the entire website was being overhauled and replaced, so I was repeatedly sending them articles without them ever showing up. The last few have only just appeared now.

The end result of all of this: Little content over a long time.

So, that's going to be changing from here on. I'll be going back to daily or bi-daily updates now this series of disasters has been dealt with, starting with a couple of major book releases missed on launch. So, I hope those of you still here will enjoy that, and that we're back in business at last.