Sunday, 20 October 2013

Future Plans

Yes it's another update post, the usual stuff will continue soon. However it is about a subject which needs to be discussed.

You might have noticed a lack of any updates yesterday and that's for two reasons. The first was involving my ongoing physical health which was unavoidable, but the second being burned out by writing articles for Starburst. As a result there are going to be a few changes.

The first of these is that you might occasionally see very short reviews on here. Not everything I have submitted to Starburst has shown up there, as such reviews and the like will be instead posted on here.

The second is about the RPG write-ups. These might come infrequently now due to time constraints. While I will attempt to have them up weekly, between sessions being called off at the last minute and writing for other sites it will likely become a case of them being posted as and when possible.

Lastly, activity for the site might drop for a while over the coming month. It depends upon something potentially big happening, but it could be beneficial to me. As such from the 25 until, possibly the 1st of December things may become infrequent. A number of internet connection issues certainly have not helped. Expect the next write up for an RPG session in the comming days along with a few bite sized game reviews, but not much beyond that. There may be a horror film review for Halloween, but it depends upon what I can find.

Sorry if this has been brief but I wanted to keep things short. I hope you all have a good week and a happy Halloween.

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