Monday, 14 October 2013

First Screenshot for SPACE HULK CHAPTERS Revealed

Read the article in full on this is simply a preview.

After confirming some time ago that we would be seeing more chapters beyond the Blood Angels in Space Hulk, Full Control has revealed the first screenshot of the space marines. While only displaying one of the several chapters considered it confirms that the sons of Russ, the Space Wolves, will be making an appearance.

This will mark the first time the Space Wolves will have been a part of any variant of Space Hulk since Second Edition. Even then they were only included in one-shot scenarios in the White Dwarf magazine under the name Fangs of Fenris. This expansion shares that name and rather than being a simple skin change Full Control is offering up an entirely new campaign. This campaign will make use of the Space Wolves’ more ferocious assault style and armoury with the inclusion of Frost Blades and Wolf Claws already being mentioned.

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