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Shadowrun: Lone Wolves - XX/XX/2012

So, infiltration. Something our group has constantly failed at or had end badly. Unfortunately this would actually be our most successful effort at infiltration.

Sending in our infiltration expert Killbo Fraggins (yes the frequently drinking gun-happy dwarf was our infiltrator) we had him scale the side of the Zainou offices. Climbing to the top he found an air vent and proceeded to use it to get inside, dropping down to the bottom level. This was before he got his laser eye so he needed to find a grate. Meanwhile Amoral snuck up to the building’s exterior and hid just out of sight of the patrolling guards to help deal with security footage. At the same, time Venne the Invincible positioned herself in a sniper spot to take out anyone who looked like they were about to do us in.

The first stages of this operation went off without a hitch. Taking down several guards in various non-lethal ways, Killbo managed to clear a path to the upper levels. Each time having Amoral record certain phrases which could be played when they were required to call in.

The problems started to begin about the time when Killbo reached the second floor. The guards, spotting footprints left in the snow, began to find Amoral. It was only due to Venne’s sniping they did not get off any alarms. This unfortunately left the technomancer constantly dragging bodies into cover and with several bloodsplatters visible in the snow. Furthermore, after covering one room in graffiti to suggest the terrorists who had attacked us in the airport were responsible for any instances which might occur, Killbo ended in a fight.

Botching a roll, he failed to take out the head of security for the small offices. This resulted in a rapid fistfight with one of the campaign’s mini-bosses. Someone who was both a minor magic user and who completely outclassed him. At the same time Venne’s rifle jammed forcing her to frantically fix it before she could fire again. This ended when Killbo hurled himself backwards, drew a pistol and shot the man in the face repeatedly. As his pistol didn’t have a silencer the two remaining guards heard sudden bursts of gunfire and raced upstairs. While they were on the stairs, Venne cut them down. The force from her gun destroying a huge chunk of the building, hit something vital and proceeded to start various fires.

Smelling smoke, Killbo and Amoral grabbed what we needed and then legged it at top speed. Amoral going first and Killbo following him, grabbing a few essentials to help get past security later on. Access cards, I.D.s as security guards and the like. With the stairs gone the dwarf used his grappling gun, smashed through the window and swung outside into the parking lot. Hotwiring a van, escaping from the scene of the crime and then dumped it in a nearby river; Killbo made a rather chaotic way back to the hotel. He also stole several packs of cigars from the van, which would make frequent reoccurrences from here on.

Laying low for the next day we then proceeded to do more research upon the area, taking the guide up on his offer. Getting on good terms with him when the GM’s borderline Mr. Burns voice he’d been using somehow slid into a west country pirate accent. Mostly by threatening to “kellhaul” everyone who opposed him. After dressing up in civilian clothes we proceeded to follow him into the forests and lose sight of him within the first few minutes. At which point we were promptly attacked by several wolves completely out of the blue. Taking them down in a mixture of close combat and bullets the guide reappeared again, effectively shrugging his shoulders and then mentioning “the Zainou facility isn’t far”. With no one having mentioned we were heading for Zainou this got us suspicious, at which point the guide broke character. He instantly burst himself into flames, transformed into a ten meter tall spectral wolf and began screaming obscenities at us.

It turned out it was a very angry, very hostile, very powerful beast spirit which radiated hatred for us. As it turned into its true form other wolves began to enter the glade we were in and charged at us. There’s not too much of a story to this unfortunately. The spirit itself was mostly killed from a mixture of combined fire from Killbo and Venne, and the wolves themselves were gunned down by Amoral’s drones. The only points of note were when we were forced to flee via helicopter as the fire the spirit caused started to burn down the forest around us and the reason no one had been suspicious of this guy was due to a spell.

We’d later learn that the spirit was one being experimented upon by Zainou and had escaped, taking its revenge upon mortals in any way it could. It was really just something the GM had thrown in to screw with us. We would try to perform a slightly more successful operation later by sneaking up to the Zainou building via the cliff, but we were almost instantly spotted and forced to leap off of the edge to avoid heavy calibre fire. Frantic rolling from the GM followed as Venne threw together a spell to prevent us being flattened against the ground.

Managing to get back to town unnoticed with only a minor alarm having been given in the facility, it was clear that we would need to go in through the front door and pass ourselves off as security consultants. Looting followed. No really. As Amoral got ready to create a fake name and proof of our I.D., we had business outfits shipped in to look official (one of which was the combat tuxedo) and steal parts for a car. Pillaging a Humvee from somewhere, we hit the music and proceeded to modify the car into something legendary. Or at least combat worthy in our twisted minds. High enough rolls resulted in this thing being equipped with a rapid-firing howitzer. Plus Amoral’s mech serving as a hood orniment and it being so heavily armoured that we could open only one door. I may post the full stats to this thing in a few days, but suffice to say it was fucking ludicrous.

Hiding most of our equipment in the car and moving everything out of our hotel room we got ready to head off. We drove up towards the Zainou building and into the annuals of history. Oh sweet heaven was what happened historic.

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