Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bronies - Hypocrisy Is Magic

You know, I was willing to let this lie. Despite the amount of hate mail I spent the following weeks filtering through my inbox after I gave into the demands of a fandom, even after they ignored my very simple terms and warning, I would have been more than happy to leave it there. It was done, over with, I just wanted to get back to writing about stuff which had not been ruined by a raging horde of screaming zealots.

Then someone goes and sends this my way:

I might have actually been insulted were I not laughing so hard that the sheer fucking stupidity and hypocrisy backing this comment.

Let's look at each section of this particular comment in turn.

  • First of all it opens up with the words "Shut it niger". At no point in my couple of years of writing on here have I once indicated my race or ethnicity, so the fact i'm fifty shades too white for this term to apply to me turns this from offensive to laughable.
  • Next there's the obvious lack of thought in this. How the hell do you get someone to shut up when they have not only finished saying everything they have to say on the subject, but are communicating via writing. Not to mention the fact this guy is either calling me a country or hasn't even bothered to look up how to actually spell his insult.
  • Next he opts to start openly accusing me of racism. This is in the exact sentence following his own use of something today widely regarded as a verbal derogatory slur, and claims it is unforgivable. He manages to undermine his entire basis for his comment in the first three words of his sentence, before he even reaches the bloody point of what he's writing about.
  • He thinks that getting angry because an inbox is being filled with pointless spam, and calling out fans for being raging jackasses, are grounds for accusations of racism. I was not aware that "Brony" was a recognised race alongside ones such as Asian and African American. What, did the entire fandom take the Na'vikin mentality of painting their skin the colours of their favorite character and screaming at the government they deserve to be seen as an entirely new race now?
  • And finally he claims that this is "unforgivable". Congratulations you utter twat, you have just managed to condemn yourself with your own freaking words as you were writing them.
Then, to cap this whole thing off, he calls himself "BaneMare". When looking at this I ended up mentally reading the message in the voice of this guy:

Fucking hillarious.
There not one single redeeming aspect to your entire message or any semblance of a point you could hope to make out of it and stand on. All you have accomplished here is proven my ongoing opinion of you bastards is entirely right. Though please, feel free to comment again any time soon. I'm sure we could all do with seeing just how you manage to shoot yourself in the foot in response to this.

Oh, and to the apologists who've been trying to justify bronies accusing me of "ponysecution" and how I should be shamed? Please go ahead and try to justify this convoluted, hateful statement which has been sent my way. I'd love to see how you could try to spin doctor your way into another essay about how all bronies are really good people and I have no right to call them out for filling my inbox full of shit.

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