Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Dishonored DLC Confirmed - Daud Is Protagonist!

Well it's been officially confirmed. After teasers on Dishonored's Twitter feed apeared yesterday strongly suggesting a new game, along with the sudden trademarking of several names related to the title's mythos, Arkane has confirmed that the upcomming DLC pack will feature the assassin as its protagonist. Titled The Knife of Dunwall, the game is set after the event's of Corvo's stealthy retribution with the leader of the Whalers seeking redemption for his actions.

Following his apparent departure from the city-state of Dunwall following his involvement with the Empress' murder, Daud is approached by the mysterious sinister figure known as the Outsider.  Dropping a name and little else as his path to atoning for his crimes, Daud and his personal army of supernatural mercenary assassins hunt the unseen districts and alleyways of Dunwall for answers.

As with the original title it has been suggested that the game will feature split paths and options for the player to follow, either with Daud seeking his redemption or following on in his murderous ways. Unlike it however, players will have access to a much wider assortment of gadgets and powers than they did as Corvo. Among these listed so far are the abilities to summon your personal assassins, someone's been taking notes from Assassin's Creed clearly, along with new variations of the Blink and Void Gaze. Furthermore, new gadgets include Whale Oil stun-mines, blinding Chokedust and a wrist mounted mini-crossbow.

The aforementioned new locations will include visiting places known as the Legal District and a location known as the Rothwild Slaughterhouse. Somewhere noted to be a steam-punk whale butchering factory. One returning location noted is the Flooded District where you fought Daud in the original game and where the Whalers have their headquarters.

Disappointment comes twofold with this DLC. First of all it has been suggested that this will only be a single chapter DLC despite the locations it will visit, so it will only be a fraction of the game's length. In addition to this the actual ending to the story will come with a later add-on titled The Brigamore Witches.
Still even with that it looks like this will be a worthy expansion of the story and look into areas of the mythos only hinted at briefly in the original. With any luck this will mean a few of the questions players were left asking about the whales, state of the Isles or the cults of the Outsider will be answered or explored.

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