Monday, 11 March 2013

Priests of Mars (Book Review)

As with the last book review this is posted in full on and this is simply a preview. If you want to see it in full then please follow the link through to there.

The novel always depicts unity between thecharacters but it’s a tense unity. One always in doubt due to the desperate,borderline insane, mission of Kotov and the natural opposition some characterseasily have to one another. Let’s face it, just how long do you think a RogueTrader and Black Templar Reclusiarch will remain on good terms for. This isjust with those who meet however and in a few cases some focus characters arethe stars of their own side-stories, completely detached from everything elsebut with signs of much greater importance coming later on. This is especiallytrue with Julius Hawke (yes, THAT Julius Hawke) and the eldar orBeil-Tan.

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