Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dishonored DLC On Horizon - Daud As Protagonist?

Yep, looks like we're finally getting some expansions for the title.

Teasing their fans with new content, Arkane's Twitter page for the dark fantasy title recently released an image, seen above, and the words "News tomorrow".

The image itself featured what looks suspiciously like the location of the Empress' assassination during the opening to the game's story-line, being observed from afar by masked figures. Said masked figures are easily recognisable to fans as the Whalers, supernatural assassins who were hired to kill the Empress and you repeatedly fought with as you progressed through the campaign. From the gloves and weapons it looks like the protagonist for this DLC is going to be one of them. With any luck this could be a chase more than a few fans have been clamoring for, to play as Corvo's dark opposite from the game: the Whaler leader Daud.

This matches up with a few other teased details given with the release of the last DLC, a challenge map for the original game intended to test players skills rather than focus upon the story. According to a Gamespot report on the release, Arkane revealed that "The second and third expansions for Dishonored will launch in 2013 and will be story-focused. Bethesda said the second expansion will focus on Daud, the leader of a legion of supernatural assassins known as The Whalers. This content will arrive during spring 2013."

The exact nature of the third DLC has yet to be revealed but Zenimax, the game's publisher, recently moved to trademark the "Void Walker's Arsenal"suggesting it will be a weapons pack. Or possibly involve hunting down weapons of some kind. Look, it will probably involve weapons let's leave it at that.
On a similar note at about the same time the publisher also trademarked"The Brigamore Witches" which will likely be the name of the DLC focusing upon Daud. The name itself being mentioned within the in-game lore book Rumours and Sighting: Daud.

Unfortunately we have little else to go on at the moment so expect a followup report tomorrow when more information is revealed.

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