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Guy Ritchie's Shadowrun - 27/02/2013

So after last week’s rampage of doom through the Renraku extra-territorial facility you might expect a quieter Shadowrun session this time. The GM planned otherwise.

Re-joining the group as they lay low sitting in a bar early the following morning, most of their number are either shellshocked or depressed. Both Killbo and Amoral are drinking deeply from their frozen beverages as the morning news reports on how much damage was inflicted and the number of buildings burned down. One of which, the GM now reveals, was apparently an orphanage. He can be a bastard like that at times. The exception to this gloom is Leona who couldn’t be happier, eating a full English breakfast.
Eventually getting down to business the trio link their comlinks and begin trying to sort out a plan of action or what to do now with their remaining days. After several attempts to get the whole thing on track (failing due to everyone involved using the comlinks as an excuse to do extremely bad impressions of certain supervillains) it eventually dawned on Leona that someone was watching us.

From the corner of the room a man was sitting, watching us through his newspaper (the Deus Ex holographic kind) having not touched his ordered beer in the slightest. Deeply suspicious action for anyone in this establishment.
Opting for the easy to see what he was up to or how interested he was, Killbo detached his comlink and headed for the bathrooms. A troll from elsewhere immediately got up and followed him inside. Walking into one cubicle, Killbo closed the door and watched as the troll walked directly in front of it and loudly loaded a machine pistol. Botching his initiative roll Killbo went last as combat broke out and the troll fired through the door.

Outside in the bar gunfire was heard going off an immediately violence broke out. The newspaper reader (a human) stood up drawing an ares predator and a very large troll at the back of the room pulled out his own weapons. Immediately taking action, Leona dived behind the bar, grabbing a bottle of gin as she moved and took cover.

Amoral tried to follow her lead, but with his low body stat he glitched his roll. Slamming his head into the bar and taking one stun damage. With his remaining actions the technomancer activated his drones in his van parked right outside the bar, a success, and tried to pull over a table for cover as bullets started firing, this failed.

Both foes immediately started looking for targets. With Leona out of sight and Killbo in another room they both started blazing away at the only person they could see – Amoral. Immediately trying to make his day even worse, the human ganger fired several times and ended up getting two ones out of his three dice. He managed to get one bullet off, clipping Amoral and shooting him in the foot, before the gun jammed itself. The troll meanwhile had even worse luck, managing to roll so badly with his heavy pistol he shot himself in the foot with one burst but took it like a man.

Then from the bathroom there was a roar of “Never interrupt a man on the bog!” followed by a loud series of explosive denotations and a crash. Having turned up fully armoured in shadowrunning gear (always check BEFORE the scene starts GM) Killbo laughed at the bullets the troll sent at him and responded in kind. Hefting an Auto-assault 16 from somewhere he let loose a burst on full auto right into the troll’s face. The overall damage of this plus another bad roll by the troll sent the ganger catapulting nine meters backwards, into the bathroom wall and the knockback damage of being smashed through a sink finishing him off. Running over to the door and bracing himself to one side of it, he leapt inside and fired blindly in all directions. Managing to graze the arm of the other troll, only irritating him, but managing to avoid hitting Amoral.

The raging storm of gunfire being exchanged overhead lead to this conversation between Leona and the technomancer:
“You still alive nerd?”
That’s more compassion than you’d get out of her most days of the week.
Outside the bar Amoral’s van opened up and the large rotor drone docked with it activated, starting to lift off. With a bit more success this time he also managed to scramble over the bar and take cover before more pot shots could be sent his way.

Seeing an armed dwarf come out of the bathroom doors carrying a heavy duty shotgun, the human ganger immediately turned his attention to him and drew a machine pistol with his other hand. As with so many of his gang, the gun almost instantly jammed as he glitched. In frustration he lobbed the weapon in Killbo’s direction, who promptly took cover under a table, and another bad roll had it bounce off a wall hitting his troll ally in the face.

The troll stopped showering the bar with bullets at this sudden turn and focused his attention on Killbo, opening fire. The glitchathon continued as a bad dodge roll by the dwarf sent him rolling out of cover and took two bullets sent his way to the chest. Thankfully his manly chest hair (read: armour) stopped the bullets.

Finally airborne, Amoral’s military grade rotor drone smashed through the large expensive window and opened fire on the troll with its high calibre minigun sending him diving for the closest seeking a chest high wall. As this took place Leona made herself useful and healed Amoral’s foot.

At the GM’s subtle hints of there being a plot hook to his (“Don’t you want to take one alive to know who tried to kill you?”) Killbo took aim at the human, reconsidered, and produced a flashbang. Yes, be brought both grenades and a shotgun to a quiet drink in a bar, who doesn’t in Shadowrun. Aping John McClaine’s iconic battlecry, the dwarf lobbed the flashbang, striking the human ganger in the face. Cue six stun damage him staggering out of cover.
Managing to resist her natural compulsion to just up and murder the guy, Leona then finished him off with a very painful stun-bolt which blasted him into the wall behind.

Unfortunate enough to be looking in the ganger’s direction as this happened, the troll was immediately blinded and unable to avoid the drone’s follow-up attack as it adjusted its aim. Two long bursts from its minigun reduced everything nearby to splinters and the troll himself to chunky burger meat.

The sudden silence which followed was enough to make the shadowrunners realise two things: The bar had been emptied of all owners and patrons by their skirmish, and there were the distant sounds of sirens quickly approaching. Snatching up the human ganger and more importantly his guns, Amoral legged it outside to rev up the van and ordered his drone skywards. Low enough to avoid planes, high enough to be out of sight from anyone below.
Sprinting outside with the ganger slung over one shoulder, Killbo made use of his SIN identity bellowing “Doctor John Smith, Holistic matters! Go about your business!” Being just about audacious enough to work, and passing a hefty CON test, he was sent several e-mails in response asking for medical advice on several conditions. Obviously an indicator he’d succeeded in his bluff.

With Amoral holographically projecting “Emergency – Holistic ambulance Service” over the van’s armoured exterior, we began to pull away just as Leona leaped inside. Her arms filled with the remaining booze she had spent their precious remaining seconds looting before the police arrived. Stepping on the accelerator, the van shot away just as the fuzz arrived, managing to escape capture or questioning. Allowing us to begin our own interrogation of witnesses.

Tied up in the van’s back, Killbo and Leona spent time interrogating their prisoner. Waking him up by pouring alcohol over his face, the dwarf started to ask questions but made little headway. The ganger sneering as Killbo failed his intimidation roll. He quickly opened up however, when Killbo smashed the bottle across his face; the pain breaking him. Unfortunately he told little we couldn’t have figured out for ourselves.
Recognising his tattoos, long-time Seattle resident Amoral realised he was from the Halloweeners street gang and that he was little more than a local thug. Not a very high up one at that, only revealing that some Japanese guy had hired them to kill a team of shadowrunners matching their description. Unfortunately the one they needed was the troll Amoral’s drone had obliterated. Further efforts to get him to talk, AKA Leona putting the fear of God into him by transforming into a lion and biting his head, only resulted in him falling unconscious out of fear.

Deciding to just cut out the hard work, we had one of Leona’s spirits do its thing. Waking him up and then using it to compel him to tell the truth. Learning a little more about the gang, the location of their hideout on 45-7th street on the side-road in an unmarked warehouse, their numbers, equipment, and the location of a potential safe; we eventually put him out of his misery. Speeding along, the van headed right for the Halloweeners’ strong hold so we could get answers.
All the while, several of us discussed how to pin this latest destruction of a public building on Wilson somehow. That an, you know, some of us trying to think about the final stages in the operation we were being paid to do.

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