Friday, 22 August 2014

The Founding Fields And Future Work

This is just a short announcement for frequent readers, especially those invested in Black Library works. A few weeks ago The Founding Fields, the place here most of my literature work is posted, ran into a few problems. It's software issues brought on by a new update, but it's preventing future uploads for the time being. As I would rather reserve any major reviews of novels and comics for that website and Starburst Magazine, you might see a dip in literature work until it's sorted out. Things will still be covered periodically, but don't expect anything major. 

In the meantime, i'm also shifting focus away from Warhammer a little. It makes up the vast bulk of this website's content, and it will remain our key focus, but we will be looking into a few new subjects. Perhaps more films or even trying to cover television series in single articles for a change, giving a broad, primarily spoiler free, analysis of certain series. Beyond that, I have a couple of potentially big projects coming up, lengthier pieces than usual, so you'll have those to look forwards to.

Until then, I hope you keep reading and keep enjoying what's produced on here.


  1. Though I know your trying to avoid Warhammer, I am going to make a request you review something I don't normally see on this site and that is Warhammer Fantasy. Specifically Games Workshop's first attempt in years to significantly advance the plot in a major and probably unretractable way. If you are familiar with the lore enough I ask that you review the novel Nagash Returns and the almost 400 page The End Times: nagash supplement

    1. Well, it's not so much trying to avoid Warhammer as just branch out a bit more and return to things this blog used to be more devoted to. The other thing is that, no offense intended, i'm also trying to avoid accepting requests. It's primarily due to bad experiences in the past with such things and some of the issues which can arise from accepting them.

      That said, I will likely give it a look thanks to how important it is and the fact I have been planning to do Fantasy for some time. It will just be a question of when I can though. Even before you asked I was researching old lore and ideas surrounding the necromancer and his factions.