Friday, 1 August 2014

Gods Will Be Watching (Video Game Review)

“By the sixth day only myself and the soldier were left. The bandits had taken the life of the doctor, and what little ammunition we had. Food is gone, and with it what little remains of our sanity. The radio is dead. Everyone is dead. We failed.”

Looking like something spawned on an especially dark day at LucasArts in the '90s, Gods Will Be Watching is a game of failure. In this grim survival sim, you play a leader of a group of colourful characters and try to bring out everyone alive, only to watch your comrades picked off one by one as everything goes to hell. Some scenarios have you commanding a marooned starship crew; in others you play as freedom fighters trying to maintain a hostage situation.


  1. This one was a real shame for me, because I was really looking forward to playing it, and I love the concept and I'm a fan of pixel art, then I watched people playing through the first three scenarios (to see if it lived up to my expectations) and decided not to get it, there's way too much randomness happening in it. The guy playing the game actually lost in the second action in the first scenario because when he made his second choice, even though the security was nearly full, random chance made it possible for him to lose, since there's a random chance a lock out will happen, and a random chance the lock out will be permanent causing you to lose instantly.

    1. Yeah, I was honestly reminded of early SimCity with this when the reviews were positive upon the early press beta. Once people really scratched the surface however, it was revealed that everything there was really smoke and mirrors.