Sunday, 3 August 2014

Horus Heresy: The Purge (Book Review)

The latest in the rapidly growing list of limited edition novellas produced by Black Library, The Purge sees focus return to Anthony Reynolds' ensemble of Word Bearers.

The 34th Host, also known as the 34th company of the Perpetual Spiral chapter, lays siege to the Perception system in Ultramar's Five Hundred Worlds. With the last of the Ultramarines engaged in a bloody last stand, Captain Sor Talgron commits his troops to finally finishing off the remnants of Guilliman's legion. Resenting his battle-brothers' urgent need for faith in higher powers, Talgron has become increasingly jaded with their clandestine operations.

Ever the loyal soldier to Lorgar, he none the less bitterly remembers the operations and choices he was called to make before Rogal Dorn at the outbreak of the Heresy. However, the Ultramarines are far from beaten and they yet have one hand left to play. As Talgron moves to face them one final time, the fickle hand of fate may yet tip the balance of power against him...

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