Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Steven Moffat Addresses Possibility Of Doctor Who / Sherlock Crossover

In news which will appease fans hungering for the famed renegade Time Lord running into Benedict Cumberbatch’s high functioning sociopath, Steven Moffat has stated his desire to have a crossover. However, the possibility of it occurring is admittedly unlikely.

Whilst speaking in a Q&A session in Cardiff, the showrunner of both hit BBC programmes answered a number of questions relating to WHO’s future, giving this rather interesting answer to a crossover:

“Look, I’m going to come clean on this: I would… Go speak to Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue, OK? They’re all in the way. I’m not the killjoy, it’s that lot. It’s probably not going to happen.”


  1. Way to throw your wife under the bus of online fandom Mr. Moffat

  2. What they need to do is make Benedict Cumberbatch the new doctor after the current one, then have an episode where they meet one of their previous incarnations and solve a murder mystery.
    Either that or just put Cumberbatch in an episode of the show wearing the same clothes, and people will still call it a crossover.

    In all seriousness, I'm happy they aren't doing that, I'm not a fan of crossovers and I've never seen a crossover between two separate shows that ever got me interested in seeing more. Stuff like The Avengers I count as separate because those movies were always made to work and tie together, SHIELD didn't come out of nowhere and recruit everyone at the start of the film for example.