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Dark Heresy: Tattered Fates - Session 4 - Through The Front Gate

So after a bit of clearing up from last time, the GM suddenly decided we only had four hours and thirty-five minutes left to do our jobs. He also suddenly opted to have the GM PC, that would be Dwr, remove the new member of the Haarlock bloodline from play. Shoving her into a hotel while we were still trying to question her and decide whether to bring her under protection, use her as a method of entry into the Gabriel Chase or ensure her survival. I get the distinct feeling this was either purely so we could user her ticket to get inside or to play a certain cruel joke later on.

That aside we had a job to do and even less time to do it in now. With it being apparent that the Steel Clock at the centre of Gabriel Chase was likely a major part of the plan, the group revisited the Cleric. Dragging him back out of hiding once more, we spoke with him to investigate the device. The results yielded little to nothing immediately interesting.

Following that dead end, we went for Plan B - Find more guns and get ready to go inside. Unfortunately this once again resulted in Guilliman being dragged away by the crowd and Bardason chasing after him via crowd-surfing. As you do.

Apparently tired of this nonsense and unwilling to chase after two fools wasting time, Cromwell and Dwr instead decided to do the logical thing and wait for their comrades somewhere. The entire decisionmaking process could be summed up in this exchange:

Cromwell - "If you were our friends, where would you go after that."

Dwr - "Pub?"

Cromwell - *Nods*

This surprisingly worked in our favour and made them an easy target to find. Oh, not because of the alcohol, but because of Cromwell's player's inexperience with the setting he asked the worst question possible in a public place - "So Dwr, why did you join the Inquisition."

Upon hearing mention of the Emperor's Hallowed KGB being nearby, the entire population of the bar sans those two promptly ran screaming from the exits. Thoughtfully they just happened to flee scresming just in time for Bardason and Guilliman to arrive and see this. Making use of the empty bar, we stopped for a little longer to make further plans with half the group going after their equipment and the rest making further efforts to research our suspected foes.

While the research, along with some later findings provided by the Cleric, revealed connections with the Beast House, a group known as the Pilgrims of Hayte, and details of Xicarph's origins there was little of help. The only real bit of importance being a connection of some mysterious design between the Widower and the Steel Clock. That and one mysterious fragment of a poem along with statements of the Clock being indestructible:

"The Widower their blood may tie him if it has the will, but it is no small feat of will;

But his heart plucked from its beating place."

What was surprisingly more successful was a smash-and-grab effort by Cromwell and Bardason. Working their way through the market, the duo had found and armour store with a few distinct items of interest. Deciding to work with the Emperor's will, the two repeatedly tried and failed to steal some armour. 
This resulted in Bardason being thrown out and Cromwell sprinting like hell after grabbing a set of Sororitas power armour from the shop window. Apparently it was their prized possession. With the Fenrisian guardsman decking and mugging the two pursuing bouncers, we soon regrouped with the others. A few modifications later, and Cromwell not only had a good disguise but some great armour if you could ignore the feminine design.

With no other leads and a few autoguns, flack jackets and personal items we could barter, repair or steal, the group headed to Gabriel Chase. It was now or never and there was little we could do beyond its walls.

The place was an immense gilded bastion of power. With symbols of the setting sun adoring every wall, between heavy weapons emplacements and armed servitors, archways of gems led to the only gates inside. With teeming crowds of costumed figures making their way in, our motley group thankfully blended with the crowd perfectly. The bald functionary didn't even question the armament of the group, likely just passing them off as bodyguards.

This is where things started to get interesting.

As we were sent in through the Luna Gate, there was a vast jungle of flora and fauna which had been planted within the interior walls. Despite this apparent security risk, the area providing ample cover for infiltrators, no human guards patrolled within its borders. We soon learnt why: Brief inspection from Bardason could tell that the jungle was dangerous even by his standards, with massive barely seen predators teeming within the trees. Never leaving the boundaries or entering sight, but somehow being just there to let them know of the danger.

Flagging down an automated carriage, the acolytes boarded it and were soon sent off in the direction of the mansion itself. Consisting of a circular perimeter, tiered and with a main entrance with could only be reached via a series of steps, nobles were flocking near the edge. The small groups attended by groups of automatons. Not servitors, but completely artificial beings seemingly powered by clockwork, but Cromwell could tell little else without detailed examination. Only that there was a swinging pendulum lurking within their chests.

Grabbing a bunch of earplugs off of one automaton's tray, we soon tried to enter the building. Almost immediately we were knocked out the way by a bellowing nobleman who nearly thumped Guilliman's head in. Red in the face, he turned to the still open door and swifly bellowed "You hear that scum! The hour of the Revel approaches and your death ticks away!"

Being such an obviously calm and collected individual, Bardason immediately attempted to disarm him when he drew a power blade within stabbing distance of the acolytes. Combat ensued. Combat then quickly ended, as Cromwell fired his plasma pistol twice, taking out the man's chest and then his arm. Vaporising chunks of his flesh with such force that he was instantly killed, the blade went sailing off into the depths of the small jungle.

As the nearby nobles applauded Cromwell and Dwr went inside, Guilliman went sprinting off after the blade with Bardason close behind.

This could not end well.

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