Thursday, 27 March 2014

11 Video Game Reboots/Revitalisations We Need

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A cult hit back in the early days of Playstation 2, Summoner has ever been the underrated fantasy tale. Combining an excellent, immersive world with great combat and fascinating narrative, it was in many respects the unrecognised Dragon Age of its time. The sequel only improved upon past elements, further enhancing the tale and giving an idea of bigger story at work. Unfortunately the series was never continued and the license has been left unused for over a decade now.

With plenty of realms still to explore from the barely seen Munari City to the nightmarish insanity of the Twilight Realm, any developer has a goldmine of ideas to work with. Potential for political strife with Queen Maia gone, a prequel following Halassar’s war for independence or even a story exploring the lost civilisations which litter the planet are all present here. All that is even before getting to the revelations dropped in the final game surrounding the gods and reality itself. 

Let’s just hope we can find a developer willing to devote their time to such a brilliant world.

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