Monday, 17 March 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Crafting System – Gemstones From Wolf Pelts

In an interesting development in Elder Scrolls Online, the game’s crafting system has resulted in players gaining certain items from the most unexpected of raw materials. 

 It seems that refining certain raw items are resulting in random additional resources, ranging from common materials to exceedingly rare and expensive resources. Refining almost any material has the chance of returning an upgrade gemstone, providing the player with a constant supply of the items. The only problem is this has started giving gemstones in certain things you’d not expect to find them in. Like wooden logs or plants. 

While no exact ratio has yet been discovered, it is estimated that a random additional material is generated from refining certain resources is roughly one in five or six times. So yes, for every pelt you turn into leather at the moment there’s a 20% chance it will have an emerald sticking out of it.

This isn’t quite as broken as it sounds however as they cannot be sold to merchants directly. Rather than just selling raw materials you instead need to make something out of them and then sell them off. So a player can’t just get lucky and generate two hundred sapphires and get rich, but he can make something out of them and still walk away with a good deal of moolah. 

 To be honest this isn’t much to worry about overall, it’s more a humourous element with the game’s feature than anything else. Beta is still beta at the end of the day, and it’s these sorts of issues which have made the Elder Scrolls titles so fun in the past. Still, at least we have something to draw attention away from people asking why certain monsters seem to be carrying a small treasury of items.

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