Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Warhammer 40,000 Eternal Crusade - First In Game Images?

Since it was made known that another Warhammer 40,000 MMO was being made so soon after development on Dark Millenium ceased, developer Behavior Interactive has been doing much to promote the game. From frequent updates and videos, answering fan questions and trying to be as open with customers as possible; we have already seen much of what they plan to include.
A recent video might have revealed our first look at the game itself.

Discussed and highlighted on a thread in the Vigilia Mortis forums and its front page, members displayed a number screenshots from a recent video. In them a number of background monitors showed incomplete renders of space marines, vehicles and environments being worked on in the studio. A number of those highlighted thus far are as follows.

The environments seen thus far make up two of the locations suggested by the developers: Imperial buildings and industrial settlements with large open areas ripe for full scale battle. This fits in with their direction with the game to allow for large scale battles across a multitude of different environments. Ones which could be used for sieges a-la Planetside 2 and others which would be more appropriate for drop pod landings, a vehicle which seems to be being worked upon on the right in the above image.

The colours of the marines featured confirm at least two of the forces which have been reported previously. The first being the Dark Angels, which have been reported as playable along side Ultramarines, Space Wolves and Blood Angels; and also the Black Legion for the traitor legions. 

As can be seen on the right, the dev team is clearly taking heavy inspiration from Space Marine. As the last Warhammer title to be released, and the only truly successful shooter, it makes sense to take elements from that title and incorporate it into Eternal Crusade. This has apparently extended to the designs of the marines themselves, a screenshot from the customisation screen being used as reference for a render of a Black Legionary.

This is early stages of course, but it's some indication of what's being done with the game. The first physical indication of what we can expect from the title and what we will ultimately end up with when Eternal Crusade is released. Further information, images and details on the game can be found on Vigilia Mortis' front page.


  1. that's from whammer 40k space marine why are they doing with it can also see the combat from space marine i hope THQ does not see this

    1. Actually it's from Eternal Crusade. They're taking a lot of inspirations from Space Marine no dobut, but there's more than a few big differences such as how units will interact, the environments and vehicles players can drive. You can see videos here: