Monday, 26 August 2013

Shadowrun: Espionage By Morons (Campaign Index)

If you've been keeping track of things over the last few months you might have noticed the occasional recorded RPG session between rants about Games Workshop or links to other websites. For the last few years a few friends and I have been meeting up every week or so to play through tabletop titles, video games, or as in this case the odd RPG campaign. This is a recording of two story-lines of the latter. Specifically following Shadowrun, the game which can be best described as cyberpunk 90s coming back with a vengeance.

So, why is this here? After finishing the last session I realised just how hard it was for anyone to coherently read the story. Due to the repeated delays in typing up sessions, the sudden requirement to explain the preceding operation, and the fact they were scattered between reviews it was a nightmare just to read from one to the next. It's made hard enough by the quality of my writing, there was no need to make things more difficult. As such this is an index covering each session in turn and linking to the many posts documenting the shadowrunners' attempts at discreet spec ops operations.
Along with the index page i'm also adding a series of arrows at the bottom of each post, going to the preceeding or following session, and the option to return here.

With that done, enjoy the string of disasters which was this campaign.

Table of Contents:

Update 1: Business As Usual

Update 2: Tactical Espionage Arseholes

Update 3: Cops, Guns and Rock 'n Roll

Update 4: Not So Easy Money

Update 5: Stealth is Paramount

Update 6: Guy Ritchie's Shadowrun

Update 7: Off The Rails

Update 8: Force Eight Fire Pizza

Prequel Update 1: Violent Origins

Prequel Update 2: Lone Wolves

Prequel Update 3: Nerd War

Prequel Update 4: Operatic Wrestling

Update 9: Getting Down To Business

Update 10: Party Shuffle

Update 11: All Glory To Tarantino

Update 12: Weird Science

Update 13: Dragons, Lies and Videotape

Update 14: Summon Bigger Sprite

Update 15: Cloak, Dagger, Jeep and Explosions

Update 16: Dimensional Pong Caketastrophy

Update 17: Shooting Zombies To Thrill

Update 18: Epilogue

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