Sunday, 25 August 2013

Shadowrun - Epilogue

After being involved in a hostage situation, fighting terrorists and causing a giant raven demon to crash into Seattle's streets, the team naturally proceeded to lie low. For a couple of days we waited until the last of the siege at the Carl Sagat Memorial Centre blew over, and the large hole the bird demon had created was filled in.
For the most part the group remained at their separate homes, save for Killbo turning up at Amoral's house briefly to punch him in the face. He was shortly followed by Venne, who had managed to survive the fall.

Despite the bulk of the terrorist forces being taken out by Venne's arrival, the remaining elements were still being mopped up and the explosives had unfortunately gone off. Yeah, between the demon and keeping people alive we'd forgotten about that bit. None of the crucial scientists were killed in the collapse, but others such as Hendrick had been killed when the C4 detonated.

As we eventually gathered at a bar to discuss what the hell we were going to do with the thing the demon had been guarding, Mr Johnson got in touch. His orders were simple: Head to the St. Mercy Memorial Hospital and ask to meet Dr. Ergu there. Easily done, but with a few complications.

Due to Amoral's problems with I.D. cards at the moment, we were forced to hack inside on the fly to get past the receptionist's desk. One final, last minute test apparently. Anyway, making our way to one of the upper tier wings we found Johnson finalising things with Ergu, who was recovering from a broken leg after the centre effectively imploded. Following that we were promptly taken outside and, with surprising restraint, he began to ask what the hell had happened and grilled us over the operation. Eventually answering that we "were involved with the bird but not the crater" we managed to dodge the more pressing accusations and problems sent our way.Or at least made Johnson ignore them for the time being.

Proceeding to dock payment to cover our raid of his limousine the previous week. Johnson had the cash we were owed transferred to our accounts and left to deal with more pressing issues. Before he left however, he recommended handing the raven statue over to the Draco Foundation. A bit of advice which earned us a few more nuyen to our already substantial payment.

Further inspection of the news after we left thankfully had no mention of our involvement in the battle. Neither was Camelot oddly enough, with Aztechnology thanking Knight Errant and their special forces for dealing with the threat over them. Furthermore, while Metafirst was indeed credited as the force behind the assault there was no apparent reason for them to do this. Further allegations by people that it was linked to Amazonian militas also provoked only silence from the mega-corp.
If you've not gathered it between this and the internal sabotage, it was likely staged.

As we returned home once more, Amoral we met with a few police officers. Still suspicious of him following his antics with Wilson, and the raging battle inside the warehouse, they notified him that Knight Errant was taking over investigations. This would likely cause problem in the future, with a slightly more professional force than Lone Star handling any research.
Killbo arrived back at his house nuclear bunker to a slightly more pleasant surprise: A delivery of some very expensive ¥5,000 vintage whisky with a note attached: "All debts paid in full - Nifty."

As another mission drew to a close, the shadowrunners and Venne met up one last time to raise drinks in the bar. The last scene of the campaign had the characters toasting the memory of cloning scientists, being possessed by spirits, performing vehicular homecide, invading extra-territorial facilities and fighting terrorists while making a crap-load of cash.

Just another week on the job.

The End

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