Monday, 5 August 2013

A Return To Normality

This is just a brief update letting you know content will start being regularly posted again soon. The current project i'm working on has a deadline for the 7th, shortly after midday. As such once it's done i'll be getting back to reviews with Paranerds, The Founding Fields, and hopefully take a look at the Farsight Enclaves supplement codex. Though, as a quick heads up, what's in that book has done little to improve my opinion of it. Other Warhammer related products will be Angel of Fire and The Sigilite, plus a return to IDW's Godzilla comics.

Once the project in question, making a trailer, is done it will be uploaded onto Youtube and by extension added to this site. I'll explain why it was being made to begin with when we finally come to it. If this experiment goes down well we might see a few more videos on the site in the future. 

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