Saturday, 31 August 2013

MECHWARRIOR ONLINE Faces Widespread Accusations of False Advertising

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Since starting development Piranha Games Inc. has faced criticism for their decisions involving their upcoming MOBA Mechwarrior Online. From the introduction of target-lock preventing ECM to killing off all development on Mechwarrior Living Legends and threatening legal action against anyone supportingMechwarrior 4; they have had a fair number of complaints. Unfortunately a recent decision has caused a backlash from a number of supporters within Mechwarrior Online’s community.

A recent addition to the game was the inclusion of a third person perspective allowing for mechs to have a much wider field of view and look over terrain which would otherwise be blocked from sight. Complaints of this inclusion have ranged from the encouragement of “poptarting” (jump sniping), to a lack of immersion and the third person view becoming the game’s default setting. Particularly however is the fact Piranha Games advertised the title as being a “first-person, team based, tactical battlefield” on their website with no mention of any kind of alternative view. Unfortunately for Piranha this seems to have been the straw which broke the camel’s back, following a number of other promised design features which were not added.

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