Monday, 19 August 2013

No, They've Not Given Up

... Well, I guess it's time to start with the articles again. Truth be told i've been ignoring this, but after so many comments keep screaming of my hatred of the show after refusing their demands, or demanding that I secretly love it, simply filtering incoming comments isn't enough.

Time to deal with the hypocrisy which is magic once again. Perhaps we should even start making this a weekly thing "The Shit That Bronies Spew".


  1. Wow he says "They are the most welcoming fandom then says anyone who is not a brony sucks and is a isolated loser" he might actually be a anti-brony.

    1. Possible but unlikely given the venom my inbox tends to be filled with from the more negative elements of that fandom, and how that same attitude seems to persevere when it is shared to other bronies.