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Shadowrun: Cops, Guns and Rock n' Roll - 30/01/2013

Following on directly from what happened last time, this session began with the group speeding away in Killbo’s jeep. While in the midst of gathering notes and having our technomancer do further research we were rudely interrupted via sudden ramming. Veering wildly across the motorway a car slammed into the jeep’s left side trying to force us into a crash, diverting us into the barriers. Slamming on the breaks, Killbo was able to halt the vehicle after passing a driving test. Less fortunate than them, their attacker shot past and immediately smashed into the barrier catching fire. With cars behind and in front coming to a halt blocking our way, Killbo leapt out of the vehicle and sprinted to the car. Trying to at least find out who tried to kill them and get answers. 

Repeatedly shooting and punching through the amazingly well armoured door he was eventually able to open it after multiple tests. Inside he found a dead man wearing a Seattle Operatic Society t-shirt, carrying photos of Killbo and a comlink accessing a web thread with the topic of “Found him! I’ll kill that murderous bastard!”. Yeah, it’ll take me a while to explain why they want him dead. Naturally the dwarf left the car to consume the violent fan’s body along with any evidence of his involvement.

A combined major-pile up on the motorway and exploding vehicle wasn’t going to go ignored, and very soon sirens were heard behind them. Advancing through the traffic, even abandoning their vehicles and going on foot, Lone Star officers were closing on the group. Thinking a way out, Amoral hacked the cars ahead and forced an opening just big enough for us to go through. This allowed us to speed away just as Lone Star’s finest got into range and started firing madly at anything moving. Unfortunately this apparently used up all of his brain-cells. After being asked to hack the comlink he promptly messaged “lol noobs, try harder” to the hordes of fanatics our would-be assassin had been in communication with, and even added his address. Coming to his senses seconds later he managed to edit the address slightly… to the house next door.

Despite this being probably as dumb an action as you could manage his neighbour, Wilson, was hardly undeserving of being our scapegoat. In fact he was as big a prick as you could find. Seconds after the jeep came screeching to a halt outside Amoral’s garage, almost crashing due to rogue computer sprites screwing with the door electronics, Wilson arrived back. A minute later a musical spat between him and Amoral resulted in him getting out a shotgun and trying to blast everything in sight. Something which only became worse when the music shifted gears from Motorhead to Daft Punk, sending Wilson into a homicidal rage. Were this not bad enough the back doors of an unmarked van not too far from us burst open and several Lone Star officers stormed out apprehending Wilson.

It didn’t take long for Killbo to realise that sitting in a vehicle last seen fleeing from a crime scene, filled with marked stolen firearms, ten paces from armed police was a very bad idea. Getting the hell out of dodge Killbo screeched away and had Leona turn them invisible to help them hide; bravely leaving Amoral to explain why he had shown up with a wanted criminal. Attempting to bluff his way out with “I got a lift with a bad crowd” he eventually managed to negotiate his way out being arrested by making his presence sound more like the victim of a kidnapping. This just about managed to convince the cops to lay off for the moment but would likely cause more problems for us in the future.

Killbo and Leona meanwhile waited for some time sorting out other details. Namely contacting Venn to try and get some info on who was leading Camelot’s detachment and if they could make use of them somehow. Eventually both left to carry out their own personal tasks. Leona to help prepare for a backup plan should they need extra firepower, and Killbo to sell off some guns. Going through one of his black market pipelines the dwarf managed to get in touch with a gunrunner interested in his wares on the other side of town. After some initial confusion with plausible deniability which almost botched the whole operation, Killbo managed to sell off five assault rifles, six heavy pistols, two shotguns, two crates of bullets and a slightly damaged minigun in exchange for a fair amount of moolah. All of which he promptly spent upon another tuxedo, now with Kevlar weaving to improve its robustness.

Arriving back at Amoral’s house he quickly found that next door had been turned into a wreck. As well as the group of furious opera enthusiasts now vandalising the place, a lithe figure in latex had cartwheeled out of the building carrying everything of value Wilson had.
No I don’t know what the gosh-darn Catwoman was doing in Shadowrun either.
Phoning Amoral, Killbo managed to find out where the other two were before the members of the operatic society spotted him and headed for their location. Walking in he found the very strange sight of Leona trying to convince Amoral to remove his clothing. While he had been gone Leona had taken to making each of Amoral’s drones ready for possession should they require a repeat of what they used to take down Gundalf the Grim. Having finished up painting ritualistic signs onto the drones, only telling Amoral that he’d lose his soul if he touched the wrong bit, she was now attempting to do the same to him. His unease was likely not helped upon learning of the wendigo hacker Leona had as a roommate whose territory Amoral had intruded upon. Eventually managing to convince him to do it for the sake of not getting killed, along with a suddenly nude Killbo, the two left before the wendigo returned.

Unfortunately Amoral was contacted only a few hours later at home by the undead hacker who was less than pleased. Cybernetic hacking ensued at both ends. Five hours later Amoral woke up in his bath with half his house wrecked; the shower now dispensing soup, the doors locked, the coffee machine buzzing out a tune and similar zaniness. Spending several hours trying to fix things he eventually managing to get the coffee machine working but not much else. As this was taking place Killbo had headed off to undergo a recon mission at the conference centre. Passing himself off as a security consultant for one of the companies present, mostly thanks to a contact on the inside.

Naturally this could only end well. 

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