Friday, 22 February 2013

A Change of Scenery

Truth be told it was about time we changed from the default background after a year or two of updating constantly. It took me a while of searching but here's the background we're going to be having from now on.

A big part of me wanted to use something Warhammer related but with all the various franchises the reviews and news reports cover it seemed only fair to go for something more varied.

Special thanks to බ්ලොග්කාරයා for allowing this to be used and displaying it in the first place. His blog can be found here along with various reccomended science fiction classics, a few of which we'll probably be looking at sometime into the future.
Also for those who've been wondering, Shadowrun will continue soon I've just had to deal with other matters for the moment. The last session is halfway written up and i'm looking at creating a few thousand word document to explain the events of the first campaign.
Until that's done see you at the next review.

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