Sunday, 17 February 2013

Information Leak For Bungie's New Project - Destiny

While Activision and famed Halo developer Bungie will be releasing information on their new title Destiny later today, IGN seems to have released information ahead of the official embargo. Accidently releasing a video up ahead of time speaking of the game's concept art and specific details about the universe, the reviewing website has given some early insights into how it will play and the factions available.
Better yet it all but outright confirms the release of the title on both the next generation of Playstation and Xbox, along with "future generation technologies."

Described as a "mythic science fiction universe" the game seems to consist of an odd blend of hard science fiction and fantasy elements. With the concept art revealed showing everything from an orbiting derelict spacecraft and industrialised vehicles to a strangely designed towering construct IGN called "the Citadel." Which looks like what you'd end up with if you had M.C. Escher design Heroes of Might and Magic's Sylvian strongholds.

destiny_art-9What little of the story which has been told thus far has to be pieced together out of minute bits of information. Presumably set in the far future, because hey where else do you get starships, a protective force known as the Traveller orbits the earth. Having previously protected humanity from obliteration it has now begun to gift some of its power to individuals, the people who make up each class, who are fighting to combat various hostile enemies. And yes, the Traveller's power effectively works like magic.

The enemies confirmed thus far consist of spider-like pirates, space zombies and time travelling robots. The races/factions of enemies named thus far are the Vex, Kabal and The Fallen; though it is unknown if any of the aforementioned enemies make up the ranks of these factions. Some space travel will be available as both Mars and Earth's moon are playable locations

Intended as an FPS title, Destiny has been stated that it will be semi MMO-ish with it always being connected online but requiring no subscription fee from players. From this you can guess that that this will mean that it will some form of market or micro-transaction system as a result. MMO elements confirmed thus far are its competitive/co-op play and the location of the Dust Palace on Mars. An area which has been described as having a dungeon-like, raid-type experience within it. Furthermore a city on Earth is intended to be used as a social hub with social elements playing a part in the game.
Classes named thus far are the  Hunter, Warlock and Titan. A sniper, magic-centric and (possibly) an assault class respectively. 

Destiny itself has been suggested it will be around for a decade, assuming it is successful and builds up a loyal playerbase.

More information will likely be revealed later today once the embargo is officially lifted so stay tuned for an update.

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