Friday, 1 February 2013

Possible Terraria PC Update

Many fans of the 2D Minecraft-esque adventuring game Terraria were dismayed and disappointed when the game's creators halted development upon it to focus upon new projects. While the modding scene is as strong as ever and new ideas are ever being introduced, many fans of the title have become extremely interested in a thread created by developer Redigit on the game's official forum last month. In it he asked for opinions or ideas for any future major updates for the PC version of the title, stating this: 

"Okay, let me pose a hypothetical. Say I am considering doing an update for the PC version of Terraria... In the event that such a thing were to take place, what would be some things that you would be interested in seeing?"

The thread in question is now over one hundred pages long with multiple recommendations of everything from pets to new bosses to improvements upon the current biomes. Some promise has been shown in the responses on the first page alone, suggesting that a list of possibilities has been drawn up even before they decided to ask the community for input on their game. Whether or not this update will actually happen remains to be seen, as does what they will actually include within it, but it is still a sign that fans of the title might be seeing something new sometime in the future.

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