Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #1-4 (Comic Review)

Well you demanded and demanded and demanded for it so here it is. Here's the review of the first issues of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic and an analysis of it based upon my personal experiences.

Truth be told I had no interest in this, no inkling to read it and quite frankly no indication that this site would even remotely consider reading it for review. Since looking at it I have had a profound change in opinion and have very strong feelings in relation to it. Extremely strong feelings which while complex still allow me to describe this series in two distinct words: Shit sandwich.

Two very bland covers filled to bursting from end to end with putrid, disgusting human excrement which I would not so much look at so much as even consider examining. That I would not be interested in were it not for the fact people were hell-bent upon forcing it upon me. 

However, this doesn't refer to the comic. This refers instead to the fandom which has build up around it. You might recall not too long ago that I made a brief post in answer to those spamming this site with demands for this review, who had been harassing me to write about this subject. As a result I made my stance very clear upon the series. If you wanted me to review it that desperately then offer to submit the material yourself, in printed format, and I would happily look at it.

The response to this was not only continued demands for me to make a review but several angry responses that I would not willingly do it, trying to shame me for making such a statement.

A few attempted to claim that I was being unfair because I had read comics before and not demanded anything like this and that this was unfair, clearly failing to read what had been posted. Others that this was "ponysecution" as if I had some sort of inherent hatred of them. Well as you were warned my opinion of the franchise would be heavily influenced by my interactions within the fandom, and with you continuing to throw accusations and spam my way here it is:

The cartoon and comic are bland, unremarkable and nothing of great consequence. MLP is a franchise made for small children, with an overly cutesy design and outwards appearance. The covers if you will. The actual content and bolstering aspects within the franchise consists of its fandom and how they interact to it, all of who are apparently arrogant, overbearing pissants. 

They are sort of people who cannot accept that someone is not interested in what they are and that everyone must like their chosen francise. The sort who will repeatedly force it upon someone, trying to browbeat them into accepting their will and praising what they believe to be something which can only be praised and not criticised. Spamming demands in an effort to force them to accept their will.

The sort who will throw fits the moment someone does not immediately comply with them. Who are too illiterate to obey basic instructions and will scream accusations of persecution the moment any sembilance of dislike is made towards them. Shrieking "hater" at the top of their lungs and acting as if there is absolutely no grounds for them to not enjoy everything they adore.

The sort who will take something basic, unremarkable and above all else forgettable and try to hype it into being "edgy" "intelligent" "deep" and "meaningful". Ignoring just how well any of those terms might apply to the franchise in favour of using them to try and hype them into being the single greatest thing produced in the last decade of entertainment. Trying to force others to accept this as fact.

The sort who respond with terms which would allow them to attain what they desire with statements like these:

"Arrogant bastard how can you so blindly hate a series like MLP Friendship is Magic? You're demanding people pay for something you reivew with no benefit to them and the site you claim you'll be posting on. You disgust me."

"troll can't even get things right."

"This is ponysecution! You never asked for people to pay for reviews before!"

That is what makes it so vile. I could not care less about how well written the series or comic might actually be because the fandom supporting it is a mob of fanatics. Were this true for any franchise from Mr Men to the works of William Shakespeare I would be saying the same thing. I would not care less how well their series of choice is if the fans supporting it are as toxic, arrogant and blind a mob as these bronies. 
I'm sure there are plenty who are nice people, and again, I have no problem with people who enjoy the show. I just wish they had actually shown up to request this as opposed to this mob.

So there is my analysis. It does not matter just how good the actual cartoon, comic or any other media is because those supporting have a sizable population of fucking lunatics who think that they can demand their way. Neither is worth becoming interested in, or even trying to look at, because of those who already do. The ones who storm onto forums out of the blue and spam memes, images and threads for the sake of it because they think others must conform to their own beliefs and opinions. Ones which apparently absolutely no one has any right to object when they do.

And please, do not try to claim there is any form of hatred behind this and spam this blog with slander. 

My attitude towards the MLP series can be best be described as apathy. My feelings towards bronies can be best described as dismay.

Tomorrow we will be resuming our usual reviews and returning to the products of the Black Library. I hope those who did not demand that this be created will enjoy that review.


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and all related characters and media are owned by DHX Media and Hasbro.

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  1. You truly are one of the wisest bloggers in recent history, and I thank you for your amazing work!