Saturday, 26 January 2013

Doctor Who and DMC Announcement

Two announcements in two days, that has to be a record for the blog.

This is covering two things. The first is that the site will no longer be continuing the Doctor Who reviews. I had been considering continuing them for some time but the current series has simply been getting worse and worse. There's been a visible decline in quality since the ending of the previous series and arguably even before then. While it does have occasional good episodes they are becoming less frequent and I'm not enjoying repeatedly hammering down on how bad recent ones are. This came to a head when trying to write a review of the last Christmas special only to realise I had little to nothing good to say about it and how surprisingly time consuming they could prove to be.
Might I reconsider this in the future? Probably. I have been meaning to do reviews of many older episodes for some time so perhaps rather than being posted of broadcasting they will be occasional reviews of those available on DVD.

The second announcement is that other video game reviews will be being uploaded onto a new website I have joined, There will be occasional update or promotional posts announcing articles posted on the site so you can keep track of them, the first review is already up on there for the Devil May Cry reboot

With that out of the way it will be business as usual here and expect more film reviews very soon.

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