Friday, 25 January 2013

Answering the demands of bronies

I'm confronting this issue now because it has gotten beyond a joke. I don't know how or why it started but it needs to stop. For the last three days various articles on the site have been bombarded with demands by bronies to review their favorite franchise, either issues of the comics or the cartoon.
Considering there has been no indication that I actually accept requests i'm surprised to find five or so comments a day demanding I review it. Not to mention the fact nothing on this blog even begins to suggest I would be interested in reviewing it.

As such allow me to make something very clear - trying to bombard my articles with demanding spam will get you nowhere. Instead please understand this: Were I to review the MLP comic you all keep spamming me about it would a Founding Fields review, posted on there and not on here. We cannot get the books through standard resources but if you are truly this desperate for me to take a look, purchase and mail it to me. If it meets the site's standards we will then review it. Digital copies will not be accepted as it's the website's policy means we can only accept them if they are from the author or publisher.
The same answer goes for the episodes, if you are that desperate for one small largely overlooked blog to review the franchise fork over cash to do it. I'm not going to spend money to do this because a fandom thinks shrieking loud enough will get their way.

Please also note that I will give you one week to stop spamming every article on the site demanding this. Otherwise my opinion of the series you so desperately want to see done might be tarnished by my the interactions with the fandom.

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