Friday, 22 May 2015

Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt (Video Game Review)

Returning one last time, Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt serves as the capstone to Geralt of Rivia’s story. With the Northern Kingdoms embroiled in a bloody war following the death of so many of their kings, a bloody spectral force has entered the fray: The dreaded Wild Hunt. As Geralt embarks upon a mission of personal importance, he soon finds that he is key to halting their onslaught.


  1. There's a really big question with this game that could be a deal breaker for me: Does it still have the same horrible inventory controls that the Witcher 2 had?

    I could not stand those controls, navigating through the meditation menues, going options deep to make a potion only to back out then go back into other options to drink it (as opposed to just having the options next to each other), needing to use the keyboard to equip things instead of clicking with the mouse, things like that really got to me even before the bugs rendered the game unplayable. If this one doesn't have those issues then I'll definitely look into getting it.

    1. honestly, the inventory controls have improved a fair bit but they do still have more than a few issues. Going in and out of things is about as much as an arduous experience as it always is, but things have been streamlined enough that I personally found it quite managable. That said you still need to use the keyboard to equip certain things and trigger certain abilities, but that's really how the whole game has been built from the ground up.

      Also, I will answer your recent comments, I really just need a bit of extra free time to do so.