Sunday, 17 May 2015

Forge World Warlord Titan - First Photo And Price Tag Leaked?

Because apparently the Manta Missile Destroyer wasn't enough of a cash cow, we're getting Warlord Titans. By this point it's really no surprise. Even before the trailer was released, announcing their addition to the next Horus Heresy book, people had been predicting their arrival for years. With Reaver Titans out, Baneblades fully milked to death and aircraft floundering, there was nowhere to go but bigger. How big is it? Well, there's been a few pictures released showing the Second Edition design, teasing their true scale but little else. 
At least until now.

Leaked onto Facebook by Maxwell Lacn, we have this particular post depicting the new class of Titan in all its gloriously goofy grandeur:

Yeah. Big bastard isn't it. Given the estimates of the leg size and the people standing behind it, we can guess this thing is probably going to stand at roughly 60cm tall. Give or take a little of course, and well under the full size a Warlord Titan is supposed to be, yet it's still one of the biggest things produced by the company to date. How top heavy this thing will be and how well the company's legendarily difficult resin will be to stick together, that's going to be another problem. 

For the moment though, let's look at that price. $1950 translates to £1240 in British terms. It's admittedly just a rumour, yet this would make it eclipse even the bigger Manta and might be another effort to see what they can get away with. The Manta was ultimately a one-shot, but with this they have the opportunity to try and expand things further, with greater range of variants and weapons. Those obscenely large shoulder guns at least look as if they could easily be switches out for a few more powerful cannons.

Anyway, if this is a fake then it's a pretty damn convincing fake.


  1. These were actually available at the grand reopening of Warhammer World et. al. and I have a buddy who, for some reason, bought one.

    1. Huh. Didn't hear a thing about that actually, though it does make sense they'd use a big model like this to help with the re-opening. Admittedly, having looked at the experimental rules for this monstrosity it seems a tad ludicrous. Honestly, you can legitimately fit it in 3K games while still sticking to the old FoChart.

    2. May I inquire as to where you found the experimental rules? I've been looking around for a bit but I haven't found them yet.

    3. Well I've now seen the rules and it's actually significantly more powerful than I expected. This one is a complete overpowered army killer but for once it seems like it's in a fun way as there's quite a few things in Horus Heresy that, if they could get within 36" of it, would be able to render it near useless. It also makes me wonder what the new Imperator Titan rules are going to be considering it took about 10 Warlords to take down one Imperator, though to be fair the Warlord's better suited to killing everything except Super-Heavy vehicles.

    4. Yeah, just looked it up myself. This thing is a joke, pure and simple. On the one hand I can kind of get behind this as it's the kind of overt fun insanity we used to get with Apocalypse, stupid but still entertaining. On the other, there's already formations and other points which are including these alongside Knights and others. I'm really hoping we don't start to see a push to include these in standard 40K over the next few years.