Monday, 18 May 2015

Rebel Galaxy (Video Game Preview)

Rebel Galaxy is a big departure by developers Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer, whose previous work resulted in the seminal Torchlight duology and the initial success of Blizzard North. Rather than embracing the grim darkness of Action-RPGs involving demons however, this time their work is more Elite: Dangerous than it is Diablo. The setting this time is among the stars, where players are tasked with trying to earn their way in the galaxy however they see fit. With a mysterious gift offered from the start and universe of opportunities before them, just how they’ll survive is up to the player to decide. Offered six hours to play through and preview this new game, here’s a few thoughts on the pros and cons of what’s seen so far.

The main story here is the same kind of off-hands storytelling which worked so well with Axiom Verge; interesting enough to be engaging but never so much it seemed to be strangling the game for those not interested. While the opening missions to each port of call are more general tutorials to help players get to grips with the mechanics, even these can be quickly ignored and skipped. You’re offered an old beaten up ship, given some indication of an old relative’s wishes, and then let loose upon the galaxy. When and how you follow it is entirely up to you, and it avoids the mistakes of Skyrim by never trying to rush you into following the story above all else. If anything Rebel Galaxy encourages the exact opposite, urging you to spend as much time as possible between missions exploring, fighting and trading.

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