Saturday, 21 February 2015

Mephiston: Lord of Death by David Annandale (Novella Review)

Even among the countless scribes of Black Library, David Annandale is one of those writers you instantly recognise even before checking the cover for his name. Famously pushing the level of gratuity within Warhammer's already loudly bombastic universes, he can be best recognised for his influences. The man's respect for monochrome horror movies, kaiju films and the great cult classics of science fiction all tend to make their way into his works somehow. This, perhaps above all else, is why along with Ben Counter he tends to be one of the best authors when it comes to the more oddly obscure elements of Chaos, and why he was a perfect match for Chief Librarian Mephiston.

Leading his battle-brothers to war once again, the astartes once known as Calistarius is haunted by his past. An enigma among those haunted and cursed by the Red Thirst and Black Rage, he is treated with equal levels of respect and distrust, an unknown element which has emerged after ten thousand years of crusades. This soon comes to the fore when combating a traitor warband far from Emperor's light and stumbling upon a long lost vessel carrying a ghost Calistarius' past. Questions soon begin to arise among their ranks, centred around this new arrival, peaking as they discover something far more terrifying and wondrous hidden on a long lost world...

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