Wednesday, 11 February 2015

First Look At Space Hulk: Deathwing In-Game Screenshots

Having been quietly in development for some time now, news about Space Hulk: Deathwing First Person Shooter has been fairly scarce. Beyond a cinematic trailer and a few promotional images, most of what audiences have learned has come through brief second hand information, but now we have a fleeting glimpse of what the game will lok like from the player's perspective. Superfluously taken then leaked onto Facebook and the Eternal Crusade forums, the distant images give a general impression on how the game might shape out. 

While difficult to see at this point, it does give an impression of the HUD system and environments players will be fighting in. More open than the cramped environments found in past games, these ones look much more open while at the same time retaining the much more dead metal feel of the Warhammer universe. Albiet one with a distinct lack of the usual mounts of skulls carved into each archway.

The main aspects seen on the HUD are displayed in each of the four corners of the screen, and what can clearly be seen is a minimap on the top right, a selector or manager tool of some form on the bottom right, and a similar identifier on the top left.

Oh, and a flamer has also been confirmed as a part of the Deathwing's arsenal.

It's only a slight glimpse into what's to come, but it's the first look we've seen in quite a while. Here's hoping more will follow. 

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