Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Wolf Among Us - Episode 5 - Cry Wolf (Video Game Review)

Closing out the events of The Wolf Among Us, Episode 5 sees Bigby finally face to face with the Crooked Man, mastermind behind the game’s events. How Bigby will approach this foe is yet unknown but with so much of Fabletown under his thumb, neither he nor his associates are likely to go quietly.


  1. I've been waiting for the final part to come out, and I've just got one major question about this that'll decide if I get the game or not, is it like The Walking Dead where all of your choices get ignored and the game only has one ending?
    Because I'm not getting tricked by that marketing "Your decisions matter!" BS again, having it happen the first time left a bad taste in my mouth and it's the main reason I'm not buying Season 2, because I'm sure that one'll have the same thing happen, I just really hope that doesn't happen with The Wolf Among Us.

    1. Yes and no. I'll freely admit that the game does follow more or less the same layout of scenes, but your actions do have some consequences by the end. How you treat a number of characters can lead them to be evicted by the end, people you've killed obviously aren't present, and there are some do change their attitude depending upon how you treat them. That said, a lot of your decision making here really doesn't carry over nearly as much as it should, and it's primarily your decisions in this final episode (especially when it comes to the main villain) which have the most impact. I personally think it's a step above The Walking Dead, and it's still a great game, but it doesn't make as good a use of its choice element as it should.
      Also, the twist ending is a genuinely interesting move on the writers' part.

    2. In that case I'll probably get it when I get paid next, so long as the decisions have some impact I'm pretty fine with it.
      I honestly wouldn't be annoyed at the walking dead's ending, if the advertisement "your choices matter!" wasn't all over the place when I bought it, I felt misled more than anything, like buying a FPS and getting a RPG.

  2. Good review. I really enjoyed The Wolf Among us as a whole and thought this was a satisfying conclusion to the first season. The last scene was indeed an interesting move.