Sunday, 6 July 2014

Dark Creed (Book Review)

The final book of the Word Bearers omnibus brings the tale to an explosively blood-soaked end. After two novels spent gathering the knowledge and xenos artefacts, the 34th Host is ready to begin their new crusade against the Imperium of man. Their target: The Boros system, the home of the White Consuls chapter and location of ancient Warp gateways. These massive constructs allow rapid transition of craft through the Warp, allowing immediately reinforcing the position against all attacks. Yet despite this, Marduk may now hold the key to their victory.

Along with several other venerated Hosts of Lorgar, Marduk’s forces are honoured with conquering this system in the name of the Warmaster and beginning the first step towards true victory. However, all is not well among the sons of Lorgar. Someone with the legion is vying for power, determined to make them the sole leader of their venerated church, and they will happily slaughter countless brothers to achieve it. Even as they begin their assault, Marduk cannot be sure if the more pressing enemy is the brothers before him or the men who fight at his side.

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