Monday, 14 July 2014

Batman Versus Predator (Comic Review)

During the greater excesses of the 90s, the idea of versus comics were booming. There had always been a craze for seeing one character fight another, but three particular staples of science fiction found dominance during this time: Xenomorphs, Predators and Terminators. A big part of their success came down to the surprisingly excellent early Alien Vs Predator comics, and deals were made between DC and Dark Horse to have their heroes take the fight to the aliens and machines. Even up to as late as 2007, companies were still working on these sorts of crossovers and trying to make cash from them. The quality of these tales was decidedly mixed. Superman vs Terminator, Batman/Aliens II and a lot of the bigger named ones are widely reviled, but among these were some surprising successes. This is one of those we’re looking at today, which proved to be so successful it ended up winning an Eisener award. 

 It’s business as usual in Gotham as Batman sets to work uncovering the latest deals and negotiations between organised crime leaders. First making contact with one supposed ‘philanthropist’ as Bruce Wayne, he soon begins picking out the involvements and rivalries surrounding Gotham’s heavyweight boxing tournament. However, his carefully made plans soon begin to fall apart as an outsider arrives in Gotham and begins taking heads. With a serial killer on the loose, Batman must race to unveil this mystery, unaware of just what he is facing.

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