Monday, 21 July 2014

5 Reasons The Fantastic Four Should Stick Around

As Marvel and Fox continue to butt heads over their licences and treatment of their heroes, rumours are abound of what steps Marvel will take to damage the new film reboot’s success. With more and more news emerging suggesting that director Josh Trank is not even paying lip service to the very comics his film is based upon, even thematically opposing their very nature, it has been suggested that Marvel may put the title on hiatus. Some suggest that they may even go further than this, killing off their Ultimate incarnation to try and ruin Fox’s box office income.

While the degree of truth behind this is debatable to say the least, both companies have taken steps to harm the other’s films. After all, Quicksilver was a last second addition to Days of Future Past, replacing the previously planned Juggernaut and potentially causing problems for Age of Ultron. Still, if Marvel were to cancel the comic or even kill off the team, what would the universe lose? What do the team offer and what do they do better than any other hero in Marvel’s vast setting?

Here’s five points covering just what they offer, and why more people should be reading about them.

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