Friday, 9 May 2014

Constantine Vol 1. - The Spark and the Flame (Comic Review)

As with the last book review this is posted in full on and this is simply a preview. If you want to see it in full then please follow the link through to there.

Of all the comics revamped and rebooted, easily one of the most problematic was Constantine. While some have been rightly criticised for the oversexualisation of their characters, others poor storytelling or art, Constantine carries the stigmata of what was lost. The long running and extremely successful Hellblazer series was sacrificed to bring John Constantine back into the world of DC superheroes, cancelled after twenty-five years of acclaimed arcs. Many writers within the industry heavily criticised this decision, and it was understandably derided as an unnecessary, poorly thought out move on Dan Didio’s part. The truly sad thing is that, for all it will understandably be maligned, the actual comic isn’t that bad.

Following the story of the titular British occult detective and con-man, Constantine is a desperate man. A very dangerous cult is on the move, hunting for artifacts and relics to help it grow in power. With some very old and very powerful figures pulling the strings, Constantine will have to trick, con, bluff and plan his way to victory. Though, with something evil and very dangerous hungering for retribution, the question now is how little time John has left on this Earth…

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