Tuesday, 27 May 2014

10 Changes PS4 Needs To Keep Ahead In The Console War

With E3 drawing closer with every passing day, the ongoing console war is set to enter the next stage. As Nintendo struggles to draw attention to the Wii U and Microsoft still shaking off the last negative effects of the PR nightmare which was the Xbox One reveal, the Playstation 4 maintains a definite lead. Still ahead of the competition, the latest in Sony’s long line of gaming platforms has seen some of the most success of late with both better hardware and outselling its main competitors. Of course, this could change quite soon.

With Microsoft ditching the Kinect and lowering console prices, they’re clearly not out of the fight yet and are determined to take their market back. Following on from the runaway hits of Titanfall and Halo 4, it would be an easy thing for the Xbox to overtake the Playstation with just a few more successes. To keep their console ahead on this war, Sony needs to up their game and start fixing the many failings which have plagued their system since the start of the generation.

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