Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Bound by Flame (Video Game Review)

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Catching onto the ongoing fad for dark fantasy media, Bound by Flame is set in a world on the brink of annihilation. Reduced to a handful of dwindling pockets of resistance, humanity has been all but exterminated by the Ice Lords, mysterious beings commanding the legions of the undead. Humanity is willing to try anything to ensure its survival. So when one mercenary by the name of Vulcan accidentally becomes possessed by a demon of fire, it is seen less as an abomination and instead as their last best hope for victory.


  1. This really does seem like the new Kingdoms of Amalur, neat premise, good combat, I wonder if the world's as big or if they hired a high profile writer on one of their off days too.
    Not that the story in KoA was bad, but the progression I thought was a bit uninspired.

  2. Yes and no, to be honest I would say Kingdoms of Amalur has a big edge over this one. I enjoyed the combat here in a sort of Dark Souls or Jedi Outcast way as it was relatively balanced between classes but had a very old school style of unforgiving battle. Plus, as the writing went, they seemed to have a good concept but couldn't deliver on it half as well as KoA did.