Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Aquaman Vol. 4 - Death of a King (Comic Review)

For all its ups and downs, there have consistently been a few major changes for the better among the comics of the New 52. Chief among these has been Aquaman, who has been a pinnacle of high quality story telling from the first issue. Every story since then has raised the odds, building a new universe and fleshing out the undersea kingdom, and Death of a King takes that all to the next level. 

 Following on from the Throne of Atlantis storyline, Arthur Curry is now king of the undersea realm. Determined to help repair as much of the damage as possible, he has been actively using Atlantis’ forces to keep the peace and patrol the seas even as he tries to settle into his new role. As factions visibly work against him from both the surface and beneath the waves, Arthur finds himself facing a new foe in the form of the Scavenger. Yet something far worse is hidden, forgotten from the world, biding its time until it can return once more…

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