Sunday, 22 December 2013

Top 10: Locations ASSASSIN'S CREED Should Visit Next

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The great charm of Assassin’s Creed has always been its environments. For all the criticisms people might make of the combat system, the convoluted story or modern day events, people will keep buying the games. The beautiful graphics, brilliant settings and willingness to portray events with surprising realism (unless you’re the promotional team and it involves America) and the ability to parkour around buildings just keeps bringing people back. 

 With the first major DLC for Assassin’s Creed 4 having just been released, it only seemed right to see what promising locales the series could visit next. There is a wealth of opportunity to be found within each location, and an endless stream of time periods to visit, here’s a top ten list of eras and locales Ubisoft Montreal might want to consider next. 


 Being set in history, the games have focused upon the themes of the expansion of European powers and colonial empires more than once. The Crusades, the American Revolution, there’s been a few. However, the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores in the Americas would prove to be a very different kind of experience than before. Unlike previous examples, it could feature the first contact between two such groups and provide an interesting contrast to the two sides involved. It would be interesting to see writing regarding the two meeting for the first time and how alien the sides truly were to one another. It would also serve for a great character arc, given the atrocities committed by both sides and the Imperialism.

Additionally it would provide a very different environment. The aesthetics of cities and the dense flora surrounding them would be a far cry from what we have seen before and provide an entirely new angle for the series to look into. 

 The obvious issue would be trying to include the Assassins into the mix. The Templars would be easy enough given their ambitions, but the closest the Assassins could likely get would be having a few representatives on the ships. Of course, that runs the risk of only fully presenting one side of the conflict and leaving the natives as an outside influence.

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