Tuesday, 31 December 2013

JET! (Book Review)

As with the last book review this is posted in full on http://thefoundingfields.com/ and this is simply a preview. If you want to see it in full then please follow the link through to there.

To say that JET! is a novel of contradictory elements would be putting things lightly. This is the case of a book which is trying to move in one direction, but has too many ideas and authorial touches which ultimately prevent it from developing as it should have done. This can best be seen in certain aspects surrounding the protagonist, as well as how his story is set up.

Following the tale of a disastrous exploration mission to a foreign world, Captain Sirk Notaani finds himself marooned beyond all help. Surrounded by dangerous wildlife and his vessel left in ruins by the crash, Sirk must traverse the hostile landscape and survive. The questions of whether he will see his family again lurk at the forefront of his mind, as does the one detail which left the world singled out for his mission: The possibility of it harbouring humanoid life…

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