Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Better Part of Valour (Book Review)

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Returned only a short while from her previous recon mission, Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr finds herself being sent into combat once more. Having insulted a superior officer, her well-earned leave turns into a reconnaissance mission of the worst kind. A massive UFO of unknown origin has emerged far across the galaxy. Paired with a glory-hungry superior, her task is to ensure the survival of a scientific expedition boarding the derelict. A task which increases in danger with every passing minute. 

Despite a much more interesting premise than Valour’s Choice, The Better Part of Valour proves to be the weaker of the two novels. While the humour, characterisation and other elements which made the previous tale fun to read remain, the end result is much more flawed. 

One cause of this is the near-total change of all the supporting characters. When there’s an established ensemble to build upon it tends to be best to make use of that, and while the new characters are a good match for the first it really is like going back to square one.

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