Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Seventh Retribution (Book Review)

As with the last book review this is posted in full on and this is simply a preview. If you want to see it in full then please follow the link through to there.

There is one exact word to describe this novel: Overstuffed. Ben Counter has always been an author of great ideas when it comes to big concepts or Chaotic conspiracies. He has repeatedly shown this well in the past and more than once been able to combine the two together to great effect, Dark Mechanicus for instance. Here though, it felt simply like he was trying to press several ideas at once without fully exploring or developing any individual one. Perhaps also going a little too far in bending the lore of the universe for once. 

Sent into open rebellion and drawn the attention of the Imperium thanks to the death of an Inquisitor, a massive Imperial assault fleet is sent to bring the world of Opis back into compliance. With moral threats appearing on the battlefield and an entire world to reconquer, the Imperial Guard call upon Captain Lysander and a company of Imperial Fists. However, this is no simple compliance and someone is working very carefully to make sure the war stays on a specific track…

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